2022年11月15日 REDID THE WHOLLE PAGE UGHHH I HATE EVERUTJIGNG jk i think its cute i wanted a cozy little layout for winter. ALSO IM ON THE FRONT PAGE OF NC??? hi evrroyne
2022年11月7日 omg we are back bitches... sorry, i update the sie quite frequently but just feel lazy to put an entry LOLLL
2022年10月4日 halloween update is live... or should i say UNDEAD?!!! is it too soon?! >w<
2022年10月1日 front page change again~~ just a bit more improvement!
2022年9月18日 eek its been a long time hasnt it?! summer flew by! redid the front page, slowly working on updating most other pages too!!
2022年5月13日 first year of college over... time to spend all my time in html world.. well.. idk how i feel about this new layout, but it was hard looking at the old one when it got copied and stuff. if thats overdramatic then so be it- it just kind of felt UGLY!
2022年5月2日 wooh...not much progress. im out of ideas. mostly working on the other site tbh- maybe ill put a link for it here
2022年4月22日 added garden u can find it by clicking 'stickers'. i should probably streamline the names of all the links, but idk
2022年4月20日 added computer check it out meow
2022年4月15日 updated nav bar, there is 100% a better more efficient way to change it (which is probably something u can say about all my code tbh lol) some links r defunct 4 now!
2022年4月4日 need to make a site map... ouuuuu
2022年4月2日 what a great start to the month... got my code stolen LOL..this is awkward..well ive finally migrated to stylesheets
2022年3月30日 im back on my grind... i got burnt out LOL ..spending most of my time making wips i still havent pushed ..but i think i enjoy this new layout.
2022年3月04日 also carmen shrine is out... still a wip.. but cute!
other updates i dont feel like seperating
2022年3月04日 also carmen shrine is out... still a wip.. but cute!
2022年3月04日 LOL nvm- forgot to paste in the code i worked for hours on fixing hotlinking issues- should load fast af now ^_^ im a STEM genius!
2022年3月02日 changed the center of the mainpage to an iframe so i dont have to keep up with keeping the code the same for the about section as well! also added a winamp with some songs- not that i think itll get used much. also thanks for 8K WOW! hi new friends!
2022年2月28日 added my sanrio shrine link- still a wip but it's mostly presentable!
2022年2月27日 i cant stop myself from messing with the side bars......
2022年2月25日 lord i rediscovered old sanrio sites that had thousands of graphics and i got the urge to redo my about and main page...
2022年2月24日 completely overhauled my shrines layout a couple days ago- and also redid my entire d4dj shrine area...!
2022年2月16日 changed the front page layout... my eyes hurt
2022年2月14日 moved teto cuz i realized shes blocking the cbox on some monitors also working on shrines yer
2022年2月12日 already at 2k views............. hi everyone
2022年2月11日 undergoing changes.....please ignore O_O additional: oops.. fixed some hotlinking issues!
2022年2月10日 ANYBODY EVEN READING THIS SHIT? i did some changes
2022年2月9日..fixed links <3
2022年2月8日 log........ ahhehh,.... i update a lot..
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nyaa is made and modified on and for 1980x1080px monitors w/ google chrome. i cannot garuntee of functionality on other formats! >_<
traveling to japan, ill miss u guys lots when im there! check my journal to see any travel logs ^_^ YIPEEE!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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★ what is NYAA? - nyaa is my personal site that functions as a creative outlet, i update whatever and whenever!

★ why is it called NYAA? - im gonna be honest i literally do not remember creating this account at all i made it randomly back in 2018 and didnt touch it ever again. an evil spirit possessed me to come back here for reasons i dont know why and the account info autofilled when i went to log in again in 2022. i really dont know why i called it this why theres a double A or something i cant remember but thank god cuz im so indecisive and probably wouldve picked something worse and i think nyaa is just so simple.

★ why is ur button wrong - tbh tbh tbh i jusst fucked it up. can u believe it. ive been studying japanese for years now and i fucked up my own logo LOL. well im scared to change it cuz its just so classic. lets just pretend i was still going with nya.a , ok ^_^;;

★ how long did it take for you to learn how to code? - truly..i am learning everyday. and re-learning- LOL!! im self taught in its entirety. it took a long time. but when i say it took a long time it just means i was able to do 90% of what i wanted to do within the first few weeks and have just been doing it over and over again whenever i felt like it. i also am assuming my code is jank as hell and if u ever looked at it professionally u'd probably just want to strangle me. so don't follow my advice X-) but i really love it. dont ever give up on coding!
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